Publishing Your Webtoon on Toonit

2 min readSep 13, 2022


1. Once your webtoon is ready to be published, click the blue “>” button on the bottom right of your storyboard and preview.

2. In the modal, you will see your completed webtoon and the following information:

  • Toonit Title (auto-filled): this will be auto-filled with the title that you first wrote when creating your Toonit
  • Chapter Title (required): enter the title of your specific episode or chapter
  • Chapter No. (auto-filled): the chapter number will be auto-filled based on the number of episodes or chapters your Toonit has.

3. In addition, you will be required to select an image for the main thumbnail of your Toonit. *Note that our team is working on a feature where you can change the thumbnail image for published Toonits.

4. Once you’re ready to publish, click the purple “Publish” button on the bottom right.

5. After publishing, there will be an auto-generated link for you to copy and share with friends and family. To find the link, go to your published webtoon and click the following button:




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