Uploading 2D and 3D Assets on Toonit

  • Drag and drop your 3D asset files or
  • Click the “Upload button” to choose file and upload from your device
  • Asset Name (required)
  • Category (required): Select the category of the 3D asset from the drop-down list
  • Sub-Category (optional):
  • Asset Price (optional): Enter the price of the asset when listed in the marketplace. If you wish to set the asset for free, just enter 0.
  • Description Tags (required): Write a maximum of 15 keywords to tag assets with. These tags will help readers search for the asset more easily.
  • Thumbnail (required): Upload a square thumbnail image.
  • Privacy (required): To have the 3D asset be available in the marketplace, toggle the button to “Public.” Toggling it to “Private” means only you can view.
  • Note that characters can be uploaded but will not have rigging to it. This means they can only be used as props in your story.



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